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A Word From Our Founders

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for taking your time to look through these amazing products by Reo-Smart.com. Our names are Michael and Joanne Yang; we are the founders of Reo-Smart.com. As parents of a beautiful daughter and always an advocate of proper education for our students, we believe our children’s learning is many parents' main concerns. Especially now, with all these budget cuts on education, it is more important than ever for our children to learn what they can by providing them with proper tools.

We believe each child deserves a chance to learn, but it would be detrimental to their health if they do not have the proper tools to do so. There are many sources out there that constantly remind us the importance of a correct sitting posture. Without a correct posture it may lead to lasting back and neck pains. These sources would often provide a picture of what to do. However, how many times have we tried out the correct posture techniques for 5 minutes then forget about soon after? Seeing this first hand and appreciating the importance of such habit was an eye opener for us.

We purchased our daughter’s first play table when she was 5 years old. Children grow up so fast! After a few months we noticed how she was leaning forward into the table. At first, we thought it was just a bad habit and how children like to be close to what they are working on. So we corrected her posture and guess how long her proper posture lasted? A good 2 days! Then one day we saw her posture from the side and noticed the height of the chair and the table looked awkward. The table was too low and the chair was too high up causing her to lean forward and hunching her back. Knowing how a bad posture can give long term back pains, experienced by our co-workers, we set out to find a better table and chair for our daughter.

We travel a lot for our business and came across a set of table and chair in Taiwan. We were astounded at what this set could offer for our daughter. (See Smart Jr. ST Desk and Chair Set) The chair and table height was fully adjustable and will fit her from now till she is at least 5 feet tall! We bought this set without hesitation and since the owner was friend of ours we trusted its quality. When the chair and desk chair arrived at our home in the US, my daughter was very much excited. The table size is big enough for her to work on, plus it had a compartment underneath the table to store her goodies. When ever friends and family are over, they would point to the set and how we got it, and how great it must be to not purchase a new set once ever year seeing how fast kids grow! We looked everywhere for the exact same product in the US market but was not able to find one that offers the same features with the quality that it came with. Finally, my husband and I discussed with our friend the possibility of importing his product into the US market. So, here we are!

We always tell our daughter how important her health and education is. We believe it is parent’s responsibility to provide their children the correct materials to do so. This is why we are bringing this product to the US, to give our next generation not only the knowledge they receive from schools, but also live a healthy life so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Michael and Joanne Yang