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Does your child enjoy playing with toy cars? If so, there's no doubt that your child would love doing his/her homework on the Reo-Smart 127 Desk! The unique race car design that the Reo-Smart 127 Desk is equipped with, will create an enjoyable atmosphere for your child during homework time. Create an atmosphere that will cause your child to look forward to homework time with the Reo-Smart 127 Desk.

This desk features a height and tilt adjustable desktop that can be customized to your child's needs providing comfort and support for your child while doing his/her homework. The height of the desk can be lowered from 24.5" and raised to 30". This height adjustment feature allows the desk to be customized to your child's height improving proper posture, focus, concentration, work productivity, and blood circulation. The tilt adjustable feature allows the desktop to be tilted up to 14 degrees. This feature brings the reading closer to your child and reduces slouching!

The Reo-Smart 127 desk also features an under the desk pull out drawer allowing your child to store his/her school supplies in an organized manner. The wire management compartment allows storage of computer wires providing additional floor space. For a price of $399.99 bring home not just any desk, but the Reo-Smart 127 desk with the red, black, and white race car-like design that your child will love. Create a fun, enjoyable, homework atmosphere for your child and buy a Reo-Smart 127 desk or check out any of our other Reo-Smart desks today!