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What customers have to say about Reo-Smart!

Olga A., IL

We just assembled the desk set for my daughter (remember I bothered you so much last week) IT IS GORGEOUS beyond my wildest dreams. The quality is outstanding, the packaging is superb, and the design is OMG! I am so happy!!! Thank you - thank you so much guys - I will be your voice over here in Chicago area - there is nothing like your furniture around, especially in your price range.

Janice L., CA

We were searching for a desk for our 7 years old daughter. We considered simply going to target or some other department store and getting one of those "desks in a box" but by doing so we knew we'd be buying something that after a few years would have some issues like peeling sides, loose legs, drawers that don't work so well etc... Therefor we opted to spend more and get real furniture.

That we did! I had always heard that Reo-smart was good quality stuff at a fair price and I was still pleasantly surprised! The craftsmanship and construction was perfect! As soon as I got this desk, my children always want to do their homework at the desk!!! It has great quality and matches the rest of the furniture. We are looking forward to her having this desk through high school.

We really recommend it!

Jackson Y., CA

We recently purchased the Smart Jr. 107 with shelf, chair, and the cabinet for our daughter with a very good price! 

Overall, the material quality is outstanding, the design and build-quality is solid, it is far more cost-effective than most kids furniture in the market today. With several unique tilting angles and height adjustments, the desk offers a more natural and effortless platform for our daughter to draw and write on it. The chair has high full-back support, our daughter can sit comfortably for a long time with right seating positions. 

Seeing our daughter enjoys the furniture, to write, read, and draw on it, the smile on her face is worth every penny~.