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Product Spotlight: "Bobbie" Desk & Chair Set

Want to bring home the classroom environment for your child? Then your child will enjoy the "Bobbie Desk & Chair Set" classroom-design! Children enjoy this desk because of its unique design that is similar to desks in their classroom. With it’s height adjustable & table top tilting feature, you can customize the height of the desktop and chair while the desktop tilts according to your child’s needs. The height of the desktop can be adjusted from 21.3” to 30”. The height of the chair can be adjusted from from 12” to 17.5”. This feature can reduce back aches, and increase proper posture, focus and concentration, for a growing child.

"Bobbie Desk & Chair Set" also comes with an pull-out drawer as an storage compartment that allows your child to store his/her school supplies and homework in an organized manner. Another feature this desk has are the backpack hangers on the sides of the desk allowing your child to hang his/her backpack/accessories while doing his/her homework! It also comes with a cup holder that allows the child to hold the cup or water bottle and also a book holder stand that provides the right amount of distance for your child when he/she reads.

The bright colors of the 'Bobbie' Desk set is catchy to your child’s eye and is stylish as well. The durable powder coated steel frame is designed for many years of use. For just a price of $125.99, you can buy a "Bobbie Desk & Chair Set" set that includes the height adjustable desk, chair, cup holder and book holder for your child. Improve your child's posture, comfort, productivity, circulation, concentration, and success in school and purchase a Bobbie Desk set or any of our Reo-Smart products today!