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Importance of Ergonomic Furniture

Working Has Never Been This Comfortable

Whether you are still in elementary school or in the professional world, having the proper posture has never been so critical. Since we are spending more and more time in front of a desk, isn’t it about time you sit in something that fits? With a push of the levers you can adjust the ergonomic desk top to perfectly fit your build for maximum comfort, even from a standing to sitting position and back in less than 1 second! No electricity needed, perfectly safe!

Do I need it?
How do you know if you need furniture that adjusts? Answer the following questions.
Do I get backaches from sitting for extended periods of time?
Do I feel relieved standing up and stretching after long hours of sitting?
Do I get shoulder pains from working in front of a computer?
Do I get wrist pains from long hours of typing?
Do I hunch my back when I work at my desk?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then YOU need PostureDesks. Not only can sitting in a desk that adjusts to your height help you alleviate your bodily pains but it can increase your productivity and raise your concentration.
You Don’t Need To Believe Us!
There is already much research done on how adjustable furniture can benefit you! Not only do scientists, doctors, and researchers believe it works so do our customers! You will find PostureDesks benefits as well as real life testimonial from our customers.
If You Want To Be Healthy, Please Stand Up!
Research has documented that the more time you spend sitting regardless of the activity it has a direct relation to the mortality rate. It makes complete sense because when we are standing up our metabolism is a lot higher than when we are sitting down. So, we are burning more fat standing up and decreasing the rate of obesity. Therefore, standing up when working is as important as daily exercise.
Better Blood Circulation

With improved blood circulation it means that your body heat and oxygen is getting evenly distributed throughout your body. This will increase the comfort of sitting down for long periods of time. See below for illustration:
Increase Concentration and Productivity
Other studies have shown workers with adjustable furniture complain less regarding body discomfort and can work longer hours at a time with fewer breaks. Increased productivity means more work done for you in less time with added comfort.
Reduce Fatigue and Body Aches
Without properly adjusted ergonomic furniture, body aches are bound to happen, especially if you use a computer. Many of us do not have appropriate armrests that adjust which lead to shoulder pain from using the mouse or typing. People with adjustable chairs and desks experience less body aches because all the necessary supports are present, such as arm, back, lumbar, and neck support just to name a few!