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Healthy Living for Your Child

Children's lives are so busy nowadays. They wake up, go to school at 7am for band practice, class from 8am to 5pm, sports from 5pm to 7pm, tutoring from 7pm to 8pm, homework from 8 pm to 10pm, and somewhere in there they need to find time to eat break, lunch, and dinner. Whew!

Click the links below on how they can stay healthy and still keep their busy schedules!

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Reo-Smart Furniture for Real Benefit

There are so many furniture out there, so why choose Reo-Smart ergonomic furniture for your kids? Reo-Smart designs all its products with kid's growth in mind. The adjustable desks and chair can all be adjusted so they can grow with the children for the perfect fit and comfort.

Click below to see how Reo-Smart products are the real smart options.

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Crank Style

For these height adjustable desks, the crank style height adjustable mechanism is the perfect fit. The crank operates very smoothly, even the little ones can do it.

Reo-Smart Adjustable Height "Tilting Desk 104" (Blue, Pink, Green) 107 desk 120A Desk Pink 104 desk BD333 Desk

Pneumatic Lever

More tuned towards young adults and up, these ergonomic adjustable desks can be adjusted in less than 1 second with a push of a lever.

Extra Low Swivel Chairs

These chairs can be adjusted lower than regular chairs fond elsewhere.

Top Sellers

Bobbie children's adjustable kids desk & Chair Set
ergonomic Desk (White) tilting height adjustable
Skyler desk & chair bundle set-GREEN
Reosmart ergonomic kids 104 desk, blue green pink
Skyler desk & chair bundle set-BLUE

New Products

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Interactive counterbalance desk mount kit
Counterbalance Curved & LCD Monitor VESA Desk Moun
2 item bundle children's desk & cabinet